dao5 is an experimental cryptocurrency investment fund that will later convert into a decentralized autonomous organization (“DAO”).

Upon conversion, DAO5 tokens will be minted and issued to the fund’s investment team, advisory board, and portfolio company founders. A portion of the general partner’s assets will be migrated to an on-chain treasury to be owned and governed by DAO5 tokenholders in perpetuity.

The primary goal of dao5 is to empower our portfolio founders to co-manage a treasury of strategic assets. What happens after that will be determined entirely by DAO5 tokenholder governance.

As a DAO, we anticipate that dao5 will not operate with a pre-defined mandate; but rather will be constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the frontier decentralized economy.


dao5 embodies the following five core values:

  1. Incentive alignment. Each portfolio founder will receive a grant of future DAO5 tokens which provide exposure to the broader portfolio of assets. We believe that economic cross-pollination is essential to fostering a collaborative founder community.
  2. Meritocracy. Each DAO contributor that submits a successful investment proposal will be compensated with a percentage of the economic upside.
  3. Anon-friendly. dao5 works closely with pseudonymous advisors and invests in tokens launched by pseudonymous founders. We believe that financial privacy is an inalienable right. We do not invest in surveillance technologies.
  4. Dunbar’s number. Some DAOs are optimized to attract the largest possible number of members (often succumbing to a tragedy of the commons). We are not. It is envisioned that DAO5 governance tokens will be mostly held by a community of culturally aligned participants.
  5. Contrarianism. Fostering open ideation is more important than defining a fixed investment mandate or strategy. dao5 favors radically different ideas and experiments in the crypto universe.